Trust & Estate Litigation

Our attorneys have decades of experience in the administration of trusts and estates of all sizes. Unfortunately, conflicts sometimes arise between beneficiaries and/or between the fiduciaries and beneficiaries. In those instances, our attorneys have experience to:

  1. Assist executors and trustees in defending against claims of beneficiaries; and
  2. Assist beneficiaries in understanding their rights and ensuring they receive what they are entitled to receive. In fact, we often represent beneficiaries who have claims against fiduciaries who are not fulfilling their duties to administer an estate or trust properly. However, sometimes we represent beneficiaries who are in disagreement with each other.

In these types of situations, emotions can run high and it’s important to have attorneys who are skilled litigators, as well as attorneys who have trust and estate experience to sort through the emotions and efficiently address the relevant issues.

Some of the cases we have handled include:

  • Removing an administrator of an estate for failure to administer an estate impartially
  • Resolving arguments between a surviving spouse and step-children
  • Defending an estate from claims of creditors
  • Defending will contest actions
  • Recovering estate assets from heirs claiming title by previous gifts
  • Attacking excess fees charged by fiduciaries
  • Defending estates from IRS and Kentucky Revenue Cabinet claims and audits
  • Seeking accounting from Attorneys-in-Fact and personal representatives who have mishandled funds
  • Modifying and/or terminating trusts which have become inefficient.

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