Probate Estate & Trust Administration

Trusted for years.

The professionals at RGCM have decades of experience in trust and estate administration. Clients who are named as Executors can depend on us to navigate them through the legal process associated with the probate court system and to work hard to mitigate estate and inheritance taxes. We have experience in preparing estate tax returns and handling audits of those returns. We will also vigorously defend the estate from the claims of creditors, which has become even more important in today’s economy. In short, we strive to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are fulfilled and that the maximum amount of assets passes efficiently to a decedent’s intended beneficiaries.

Trustees frequently consult and rely on our attorneys to guide them through the administration of trusts which hold a myriad of assets, including real estate in multiple states, business interests and other complex investments. We routinely work alongside Trustees to make sure that the Trustees meet their fiduciary duties to trust beneficiaries who will be looking to them for prudent management of trust assets.

Unfortunately, upon the passing of one generation, sensitive family issues sometimes give rise to conflicts among family members. If that happens, our attorneys have experience with resolution of will contest and disputes among beneficiaries and those operating as co-fiduciaries, through the processes of mediation and litigation.

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